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Selected Scripts

Level Set Segmentation for 2D/3D Images VTK-based Volume Rendering (GPU) [[tutorial-mainalgorithms-multilines]] MultiScale Detection of Tubuluar Structures
Synthetic Images with Partial Volume Effect Sub-Pixel Edge Detection Sub-Voxel Edge Detection

Short description

AMILab logo AMILab is an interpreted language for image processing designed using

  • C/C++
  • Flex and Bison (gnu versions of Lex and Yacc)
  • wxWidgets
  • OpenGL
  • VTK
  • ITK

AMILab has a lot a features, and has been especially used for academic research in medical image processing. The tool is under development.

The project is available on the sourceforge website.

Student Projects

Digital Image Processing class 2012

Degree Projects


In Progress

Teaching Projects

GPU Volume Rendering of 2 Volumes

GPU Volume Ray Casting with 2 volumes The paper and source code have been published in VTK journal http://www.midasjournal.org/browse/publication/856. The vtkAmiVolRen adds the new features to amilab scripting language, and the volume rendering scripts use them if the module has been compiled, as shown in the video.

It will be available in the next beta release (you may also compile the trunk on linux and compile the vtkAmiVolRen module separately).

Version 3.2.1 beta for windows 64 Released on April 17th 2012

Check the Download section.

This version includes

  1. GPU volume rendering with 2 datasets.
  2. many other fixes and improvements.

Version 3.2.0 Released on Nov 15th 2011

Check the Download section.


  1. Volume Rendering (using VTK and GPU if available), with preview.
  2. Automatic wrapping system and automatic wrapping of
    1. wxWidgets
    2. VTK
    3. ITK (experimental)
  3. Better 3D tubular structures detection script
  4. Module system including automatic wrapping and plugins

Version 3.0.0 released

Check the Download section.

Amilab has moved to object-oriented scripting and wrapping and a better design of the wrapping system.

  • Object-oriented scripting language
  • Object-oriented wrapping from C++ (still manual for the moment)
  • Testing system with Dashboard
  • Improved interface
    • Embedded script editor
    • Included set of free icons for buttons, etc…
    • Base gui script class
    • Images and scripts history



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