Download and Install

In general, you can download amilab from SourceForge

Also linked at NITRC site

Packages for release 3.2.1 (beta)

  • 64bits, Installer, compiled in 64bits, 105Mb.
  • MacOS, Bundle, compiled in 32bits.

Source code

The code is under LGPL license.

Release 3.2

The python installer (compiles amilab from the source code) has been tested on different linux distributions (Fedora 15, Ubuntu 11.10, Debian testing, OpenSuse 12.1 beta)

  • You need to have python 2.7 installed (which is usually the case by default on linux)
  • Go to the following page AMILabInstaller.tar.gz and select 'Download GNU tarball' at the bottom. Then extract the archive and execute './' or 'python'. You will need to give the administrator password for installing the required packages.

Note: The installer is not yet ready for MacOS and Windows, it is work in progress.

Note: If you have another linux distribution, you can adapt the current scripts for your distribution using a similar distribution, for example you can write based on, in this case, you can send your working file to be included in this installer :-)

Previous Releases


You can either download the source code release or obtain the code from the subversion repository:

  svn co amilab

However the installation script (explained above) from AMILabInstaller/ will do it automatically for you.

You can also get the version from the trunk (at your own risks)

  svn co amilab

On windows, you can download TortoiseSVN to use subversion.

Note: You can send bug report and feature request through the tracking system on the sourceforge site.

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