Monitoring System and Real-time Three-dimensional Visualization of an Ultrasound Probe Type Free Hand

Directors: Krissian, Karl; Trujillo-Pino, AgustĂ­n

Student: Illera-Santana, Sara

University: Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). Centro de TecnologĂ­as de la Imagen (CTIM)

Line of Research: Monitoring System and visualization

Status: In progress


The imaging systems of ultrasound (U.S.) exist in the market for 2D and 3D. Intrinsically 3D devices have a high cost, but the construction of 3D ultrasound generation based on figures obtained through hands-free technology is a reality, low cost, which allows specialists to conduct traces in a manner similar to everyday clinical practice, and also not have the problem of small field of view as in the case of inherently 3D ultrasound.
The GIMET has an ultrasound machine Ultrasonix brand, dedicated to research and has also a stereo camera MicronTracker (Claron Technology Inc.) that allows monitoring and three-dimensional positioning of various visual patterns in parallel and in real time.
Based on the programming interfaces (APIs) of ultrasound and MicronTracker is proposed to create a real-time tracking of the position and orientation of the ultrasound probe in 3D space to represent images as drawings and textures in a three dimensional view based on OpenGL.


  • Install multiple patterns on the ultrasound probe to continue both its position and orientation in three dimensional space, from MicronTracker.
  • Monitor and measure the system's accuracy.
  • Integrate API MicronTracker in Amilab and create an interface for monitoring the probe.
  • Integrate ultrasound into Amilab API and get the images from the remote machine in real time.
  • Combining the two API to create a system that draws pictures in his position as planes in 3D space, using imagery and textures and the OpenGL graphics library for display.
  • Explore the possibilities of rebuilding a data volume from two-dimensional images obtained in various positions and see the volumes obtained with volumetric rendering technique, using visualization library VTK (VisualToolKit) and AMILab software.


It will analyze the different tools needed for the project: MicronTracker API, ultrasound machine API , wxWidgets,AMILab and VTK. Subversion is used to manage both the historic as versions of software developed, doxygen for automatic creation of code documentation, and a battery of tests to verify system functionality.

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